Directions to Selleck's Woods


Head towards Norwalk on the Post Rd., turn right at Trader Joes/Rory’s on to Kings Hwy North. Immediately after you go over I-95, turn right onto Parklands Drive and continue past the buildings to the entrance to Dunlap/Selleck’s Woods. Google maps directions click here


The Woods


Although technically two different properties, SELLECK’S WOODS (28 acres purchased in 1963 by the Town of Darien) and DUNLAP WOODS (22 acres owned by The Darien Land Trust) are in fact one large 50 acre nature preserve.


With almost 2 miles of trails, the woods are a wonderland of ecologically diverse fauna and flora. There are 7 distinct ecosystems ranging from densely wooded areas to ponds, marshes, swamps, streams and even prairie pockets. A 1997 study sponsored by the Darien Nature Center identified 114 plant species. The woods also serve an important role in maintaining local wildlife populations by providing critical sanctuary for our songbirds, shorebirds, waterfowl and small mammals.


The "Friends of Selleck’s Woods" help protect the Nature Preserve status of the woods, lay trails and wood chips, organize clean ups and build bridges. We also work with the Darien Park and Recreation Commission and the Darien Land Trust to erect signs and organize field trips and nature walks.


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We welcome all nature groups and anyone who thinks a beautiful wildlife park in Darien is a good idea.


Those interested in field trips or volunteering help please contact us.

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Selleck's Woods

is open to the public during daylight hours. Please treat the woods as if you love them. They are here because we care.


Dog must be on leash!

No Boats of any kind allowed!


Past Events:



Sunday May 21, 2023


Another great event this year! Thanks to all those who joined.


Participants can walk along the guided trails where there will be multiple activity stations and points of interest that celebrate the beauty of this special 50-acre nature preserve. Children can test their forest skills in the Adventureland area which includes a stump walk, rope bridge, and zipline. A miniature gnome & fairy village made with natural materials will delight children big and small. Registration for the event is required and it will be from 11 am to 3 pm (rain or shine).

Who we are


We are a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization that cares for Selleck's Woods on behalf of the Darien Parks and Recreation Commission.



Our Mission


"To protect Selleck’s Woods as a nature preserve and as a place for quiet recreation where:

  • some may find a source of personal renewal,
  • and the young, a source of wonder and growth."



Programs and Tours

The Experience of the Woods

Map of the Woods


"When you think of Darien, finding awe in the wilds of nature may not be the first thing that comes to mind, unless you are acquainted with Selleck’s Woods.


For some of us, Selleck’s Woods is delight yet to come …located smack in the middle of an area we may have thought had no more secrets to share. For others, it is a lifeline, an old friend, a place of discovery, retreat, renewal and family fun. For all, whether you’ve been there or not, it is a promise kept to ourselves, our families, our fellow residents and generations to come. It is proof of just how good we can be when we really put our minds to it and there are passionate leaders to propel us forward."


Pamela Dey Vossler

Excerpt from "In Awe of Selleck's Woods" from the April 2021 issue of Darien Neighbors Magazine


Preschoolers at "I Spy Corner"


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