What We Do


For both Selleck’s Woods and Dunlap Woods (a total of 50 acres) we:


  • Maintain trails and signs
  • Encourage nature education and appreciation, particularly among young people
  • Organize nature projects and tours with the Darien Nature Center, Darien Land Trust and the Town
  • Cut and place large stepping logs on bogged trails
  • Interface with Park and Rec, Darien Land Trust and office block administrators
  • Plant and transplant appropriate trees and shrubs
  • Forest management
  • Restore old stone walls
  • Deal with flooded trails
  • Build (5) bridges and maintain them
  • Remove fallen trees and branches, garlic mustard etc.
  • Protect critical habitat (please help protect the fragile lake shoreline. Remind dog owners to leash)
  • Clean graffiti and intercept interlopers (usually cyclists)
  • Remove beer cans, bottles and broken glass
  • Remove debris in the lake
  • Maintain two notice boards
  • Provide trail maps
  • Protect our 501(c)3 tax-free status

Board of Directors


Chairman & Treasurer - Wouter Goedkoop

President - Chris Filmer

Secretary - Alicia Johnson

Denis Frelinghuysen

Andrea Huntington

Tom Parnon

Barnaby Taylor

David Morris

Sig Buchmayr

Michael Sgroe

Support the Effort!

Help us preserve Selleck’s Woods and keep it beautiful!

The Friends of Sellecks Woods is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on your support.



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